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You can order the SHOSHAN-CDs, songbooks and scores (with parts), which are presented on this page, by phone or ordering form. Please pay attention to our general terms of business (AGB). Sorry, they are currently written only in German. Customers from abroad are only supplied on condition of advance payment. (Charging any credit card is not possible.) Please wait for our invoice.

New released CD & songbook

Hebrew Songs / Shirim Ivraim
The most beautiful songs for Shabbat and Jewish holidays

62:24 min.
Waltraud Rennebaum & Ensemble Shoshan
No. Sho-049 - CD 14.95 € • No. Sho-0049 - songbook 10.00 €
CD & book in a set only 22.00 €
CD Shabbat mp3 audio samples

Baruch ata Adonai
Blessings at Erev Shabbat 0:31 min
Shabbat Shalom
Greeting of peace adapted from Psalm 17 0:31 min
Shalom aleichem
Song for welcoming the angels 0:32 min
Yismechu ha Shamayim
Let the heavens rejoice (Psalm 96) 0:32
Lecha Dodi
Welcoming song for Shabbat as bride 0:35 min
Ba Yom ha Shvii
And the Lord rested the 7th day (Exodus 20) 0:34 min
Tzur Mishelo
Hymn of praise and thanksgiving on Shabbat 0:35 min
Halleluyah betziltzelei shama
Praise God with sounding cymbals (Psalm 150) 0:34 min
Ve taher Libenu
Purify our hearts 0:34 min
Osseh Shalom
He who makes peace in the high places 0:41
Eliyahu ha Navi
The prophet Elijah (Pessach-Haggada) 0:32 min
Ha Mavdil
Hymn for Havdala (close of Shabbat) 0:32 min
Avinu Malkeinu
Petitionary chant on the days of repentance (Rosh haShannah – Yom Kippur) 0:35 min
Karev Yom
Aramaic-Hasidic hymn for Pessach adapted from Zechariah 14 0:37 min
Erev shel Shoshanim
Evening of the lilies (Song of Solomo) 0:31 min

Waltraud's new album is devoted to an unusual subject: a special selection of the most beautiful melodies of the Jewish Shabbat liturgy. The artist sings all lyrics in Hebrew. The poetic texts originate from the Bible and the Siddur, Israel's traditional prayerbook. On the one hand the music is full of infectious vitality and rhythmical power, on the other hand especially those quiet, gentle and intimate songs sound like prayers and awaken a longing for God and the Holy Land. Waltraud says: "The work on the CD fascinated me! Every piece is different in character; tunes of the Ashkenazim, Sephardim, Hasidim and the West European music tradition are meeting. Again and again new horizons are opening up regarding instrumentation, rhythm and harmony; this was exciting and challenging. In addition to piano, flute, tenor, cello and percussion, I first brought a clarinet into the ensemble, an instrument which is very characteristic for Jewish music and provides an enchanting supplementary tone colour. I could gain one of the leading French clarinet players for this recording: Florent Héau from Paris. I got the feeling that this is our loveliest and also most important album."
The repertoire: In addition to popular traditionals, less familiar oriental-appearing tunes and two new compositions from own writing can be heard, e.g. a musical setting of the blessings over light, wine and bread. Pianist and arranger Ray Rennebaum transformed the 15 songs into sophisticated concert pieces and extended some of the well-known traditionals by own sections. Whoever believes to know one or the other work, will be surprised how new and different it sounds here. (28-page coloured CD booklet with al lot of artist's photos, song lyrics in Ivrit, Hebrew phonetics, German and English, short background informations to each song and many pictures and impressions from Israel.
Shabbat CD discount offers for private customers: 1 CD 14.95 €, 3 CDs only 10.00 €/piece.
The CD is supplemented by an attractively designed songbook with melodies, lyrics, chord symbols, comments and paintings to each song (DIN A4 size, 56 pages, 10.00 €). Scores and extracted parts of each song are separately available on request for various formations. The Shabbat songbook is described in detail at "Shabbat-CD-Repertoire".
Musicians Ensemble SHOSHAN:
Waltraud Rennebaum mezzo-soprano
Ray Rennebaum piano; arrangements
Florent Héau clarinet
Heike Zehe flute, alto flute

guest musicians:
Andreas Post tenor
Helmut Kandert percussion
Anselm Schardt violoncello

Discount offers for all SHOSHAN-CDs (except "Shabbat" CD) for private customers:
2 Shoshan-CDs € 30 • from 3 Shoshan-CDs (by own choice) only 12 €/piece

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The Songs of Ascents / Shirei ha Ma'alot
Psalms 120 – 134, Psalm 139, sung in Hebrew

Waltraud Rennebaum & Ensemble Shoshan

© 2007 Haenssler Classic, Germany
Shoshanim order-no. Sho-07
CD 12.95 €
discount see above
CD Maalot mp3 audio samples

Anah elech
Psalm 139 1192 KB
Ke cholmim
Psalm 126 1076 KB
Adonai tzadik
Psalm 129 906 KB
Kiviti Adonai
Psalm 130 1061 KB
Po eshev
Psalm 132 968 KB
Ke tal Chermon
Psalm 133 1041 KB
Hineh barchu et Adonai (part 1)
Psalm 134 746 KB
Hineh barchu et Adonai (part 2)
Psalm 134 726 KB
El Adonai
Psalm 120 917 KB
Nafshenu ketzipor nimleta
Psalm 124 1048 KB
Ha tzadikim
Psalm 125 911 KB
Im Adonai lo ivne vait
Psalm 127 768 KB
Psalm 128 769 KB
Lo gavah libi
Psalm 131 848 KB
Shaalu shelom Yerushalayim
Psalm 122 980 KB
Hineh keinei avadim
Psalm 123 1097 KB
Essa einai
Psalm 121 866 KB

Featuring these 16 psalms, vocalist Waltraud Rennebaum presents a work of high artistic maturity and emotional depth. Most of the songs are her own compositions. Due to her warm, flexible and natural voice, she is succeeding to create a very intense and appealing atmosphere, in which the ancient texts of the Bible develop new life. Her expressive singing combined with the sound of the Hebrew language is unique and intriguing because of its purity, tonal beauty and great variety of vocal colours. The music is rich of delightful melodies and lively rhythms. The arrangements of Waltraud’s husband and pianist Raimund Rennebaum connect two dissimilar worlds in an artistic manner: The Jewish Middle Eastern and the European classical cultures of music. The lively filigree or rhythmically accentuated piano play, the melodic serene or racy brilliant flute passages, as well as the melancholic cello cantilenas, the Oriental hand drums or Latin percussions, the mystically archaic sound of the Celtic harp and the classical cultivated choral singing of the male vocal trio, all musicians demonstrate a high degree of artistic ability and versatility.
Psalms 120 through 134 make up the cycle of the so-called songs of steps or songs of pilgrimage. In Hebrew they are called "Shirei ha Ma'alot" meaning literally "Songs of Ascents". Once they were sung on the occasion of Israel’s great feasts of pilgrimage – Passover, Shavuot and Sukkot – on the way up to Jerusalem and on the steps up to the temple. Presumably this is the first coherent musical version of the Psalms of Ascent in the original Hebrew on CD. As "encore" or "bonus track" the listener can enjoy a sweeping and at the same time touching interpretation of psalm 139.
Psalms are prayers and cries from the bottom of the heart unto God who is answering the praying person. And this is precisely what you will experience in the music: Passionate lamentations, longing and rejoicing praises of men alternating with blessings, comforting and eternally valid promises of God.
Total time: 67 minutes. Booklet: 24 pages, all colour printed, written in three languages: Ivrit and phonetic transcription of Hebrew, German and English, with many pictures of Israel.
Sheet music: Scores and parts of each song are separately available.

Ensemble SHOSHAN:
Waltraud Rennebaum mezzo-soprano; compositions
Raimund Rennebaum piano, keyb.; comp./arrang.
Heike Zehe flute, alto flute
guest musicians:
Anselm Schardt violoncello
Helmut Kandert percussion
Tom Daun Celtic harp
members of the vocal ensemble "Bel Canto":
Olaf Rosier high tenor
Torsten Ache tenor
Klaus Kölsch baritone
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The romantic album
(original German title: "Jerushalaim")
Hebrew Praise Songs
Waltraud Rennebaum & Ensemble Shoshan

© 2002 cap!-music, Germany
Shoshanim order-no. Sho-028 CD 12.95 € • Sho-0028 - songbok 9.95 €
discount see above
CD Jerushalaim mp3 audio samples

Yerushalayim shel sahav
Jerusalem of Gold 756 KB
Ruma Adonai
Psalm 21, 13 792 KB
Ba'ah m'nucha
Israeli folk song 736 KB
Hava Nagila Fantasie
Piano solo 700 KB
Mesare Israel
Jeremiah 31, 10 572 KB
Barchi nafshi
Psalm 103, 1-4 736 KB
Eli, Eli, lama asavtani
Psalm 22 844 KB
Ruach Adonai alai
Isaiah 61, 1-3 744 KB
Shuvi ha Shulamit
Song of Salomon 7 560 KB
Ke ayal ta'arog
Psalm 42, 1 592 KB
Diminu Elohim
Psalm 48, 10-11 648 KB

The exquisite selection of the most beautiful praise songs and traditionals from Israel presents the Ensemble Shoshan and Waltraud Rennebaum at their best. The singer's authentic interpretation of the partly well-known repertoire from Israel, for example "Ke ayal", "Ruach Adonai alai", "Kadosh", "Yavo Eleinu", "Barchi nafshi", "Ha Shabat higia" as well as some new songs, among them compositions of her own, which are first released on this record, got a lot of fans in the meantime. A musical delight is the piano solo "Hava Nagila Fantasie", variations about the most famous Jewish folk song, played with virtuosity in a classical style flavored with a dash of Jazz.
Waltraud Rennebaum’s interpretations are fascinating by her amazingly versatile, naturally beautiful voice, which changes from exotic-warm to light and mellow colours. She performs the songs very sensitively, for long stretches softly and with her typical tenderness. Sometimes she steps up to powerful intensity and great expression. Occasionally she is accompanied by a male vocalist.
Because of his unique arrangements, her husband and pianist Raimund Rennebaum is transforming the simple praise songs into impressive concert pieces, each of them totally individual in mood and temperament. The ensemble performs in a sweeping and artistic manner at piano, flute, cello, hand drums and keyboards. Of course there is one tune that may not be missing on this album: It is the popular song "Yerushalayim shel sahav" which got famous all over the world since the reunion of Jerusalem in 1967.
The CD-booklet (16 pages) contains the Hebrew song lyrics, the singer’s personal thoughts about the songs and many coloured pictures of Jerusalem and Israel.
The CD is only available with booklet and inlaycard written in German language. The original German title of the album is "Jerushalaim", because of the different phonetic transcription of the Hebrew language. Please pay attention to this, if you wish to order a copy of the CD.
Sheet music: Scores and parts as well as leadsheets of several songs are separately available.

Ensemble SHOSHAN:
Waltraud Rennebaum mezzo-soprano, compositions • Ray Rennebaum piano, keyboard; arrangements
Heike Zehe flute, alto flute • Armin Jonberg tenor • Anselm Schardt violoncello

Available again – CD & songbook republished
Tehilim Morgen ist Jubel
(In the morning there will be rejoicing)

Psalms, Gospel, Poetry (Hebrew/German)
59:08 min.
Waltraud Rennebaum & Ensemble Shoshan
No. Sho-021 - CD 12.95 € • No. Sho-0021 - songbook 9.95 €
CD & book in a set only 20.00 €

discount see above
CD Tehilim mp3 audio samples

Le Echad, Part 1
Epheser 2, 17
Le Echad, Part 2
Epheser 2, 14
Am Morgen ist Jubel
Psalm 30
Fels des Heils
Psalm 95 – Jazz psalm
Melech haMlachim
King of kings
Saenu lamidbar
Song of the desert
Ich will preisen meinen Herrn
1 Corinthians 13 (Great song of love)
The Hope – Ha Tikwa
Piano solo
Maskil – Liebeslied
adapted from Psalm 45
Unser Vater – Awinu
The Lord's prayer
Shabat Shalom
trad. Sabbath song from Israel

Due to great demand, we have remastered the CD Tehilim and produced a new edition, complemented by a newly designed songbook. The repertoire takes the listener to the world of Psalms; "Tehilim" is the Hebrew word for the Psalms of the Bible, it literally means "praises". The compositions were mainly written by Waltraud and Raimund Rennebaum in varying musical styles. Besides poetic ballads, you can hear sweeping praise songs of artistically high level, partly in German, partly in Hebrew. The album contains oriental-sounding pieces as well as elements of Gospel, Jazz and classical music. Just the intense contrasts e.g. in the psalms 30, 45, 65, 95 are so fascinating about this music. Ray Rennebaum appears as inventive arranger and brilliant pianist, e.g. in the Jazz-psalm "Fels des Heils" and in the piano-solo "The Hope". Furthermore, saxophone and flute are standing out by virtuoso passages.
CD booklet: 16 coloured pages, artist's photos, lyrics translated into German and English.
The Tehilim songbook contains leadsheets and lyrics translated into German and English. Full-page coloured photographic impressions of Israel as well as graphically appealing Bible quotations invite you to deepen the experience of listening to the music.
Sheet music: Besides the songbook, scores and extracted parts of most songs are separately available.

Ensemble SHOSHAN:
Waltraud Rennebaum mezzo-soprano; compositions • Ray Rennebaum piano, keyboards; compositions, arrangements
Heike Zehe flute, alto flute • Peter Schulte saxophone • Boris Becker percussion • Uli Roterberg violoncello • mixed choir
Notice concerning the copyright © by Waltraud Rennebaum:
All contents, images, texts, music, video and graphic files are protected by copyright. Without the author's prior written consent they may not – neither completely nor partly – be copied, modified, multiplied or published. You are explicitly permitted to download PDF files and CD cover pictures which are provided on this website.
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